Abstract: How many people have died in the war between Russia and Ukraine?

Funeral in Lviv of four Ukrainian soldiers killed on 3/15

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Agencies and media outlets are unable to independently verify the death toll in the war

How many people have died so far in the war between Russia and Ukraine? This has been one of the most difficult questions to answer in this conflict. The governments of Russia and Ukraine have not provided constant bulletins with death tolls — and the little data released so far has not been independently verified. BBC News Brasil summarizes the current moment of the conflict here. Click on the highlighted links to delve deeper into the topics.

The number of dead in the confrontation between Russia and Ukraine so far varies according to different balances: 636 civilians have died (according to the UN, as of 3/14), at least 1,300 Ukrainian soldiers (according to the President of Ukraine, on 3/13), 2,300 Ukrainian civilians in Mariupol alone (according to the Ukrainian government on 3/15) and 498 Russian soldiers (according to the Russian government on 2/3, at the beginning of the invasion).

There are several problems with these statistics. The main thing is that independent entities – such as humanitarian agencies or media outlets – are unable to verify the veracity of the data. The information on 636 civilian deaths presented on 3/14 in a bulletin from the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (ENUCAH) is considered too conservative.

Ukraine presented higher numbers that could not be independently verified.

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