Amazon Games asks players not to waste time and resources on an extremely difficult Lost Ark raid ⋆

This week, after releasing an update for the phenomenon lost arka amazon games ended up identifying a serious problem with the so-called Tytalos raid. According to the information, for some reason, the boss of this activity, which was once created to be challenging, ended up reaching a level of extreme difficulty. Therefore, the devs asked the players not to waste time and resources trying to overcome the challenge… let’s try to understand this story better?

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Through a post that was released on official game forum, Amazon Games has confirmed that the boss Tytalos is indeed broken. That is, the opponent was created to be challenging, but, due to some problems, the level of difficulty was even more accentuated. In other words, whoever decides to face the terrible enemy at this moment will find an obstacle practically impossible to overcome. In fact, the difficulty is so great that the devs asked the players not to waste time and resources trying to face the challenge. It is worth noting that the problem seems to only affect players who decide to face the raid in groups.

Anyway, the fact is that Amazon Games is evaluating the case and should soon present a solution. What’s more, the publication signed by the devs hinted that some compensation is being prepared for those who lost time and resources facing the challenge not knowing that it would be impossible to overcome. In this sense, the devs have not confirmed how this compensation will be, but stated that they will present new information soon, along with the correction of the problem. So, if you’ve been playing the Lost Ark phenomenon, be sure to skip Tytalos raid until the extreme difficulty issue is resolved.

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