Apple saved $6.5 billion by selling iPhones without a charger

Since the launch of the iPhone 12 at least two years ago, the apple already no more accessories as a charger or headphones in the box of their cell phones — which usually have a high price tag along with their premium quality. At the time, the company announced that the measure was taken to benefit the environment and promote a sustainable change in the technology niche, something eventually replicated by other giants, such as Samsung.

However, as described in a website report Daily Mail, Apple also benefited directly from the measure and may already have saved $6.5 billion, around R$ 33.2 billion in direct conversion, since its application. According to the source, the number may be a result of the international sale of 190 million iPhones, which ensured a higher profit margin thanks to reduced packaging and shipping costs — in addition to the absence of accessories.

In addition, the report also points to a extra profit of $246 millionaround 1.2 R$ billion, from the sale of cell phone accessories.

iPhone 13 Line also does not come with a charger or headphones in its box.  (Source: Stetson Doggett via YouTube / Reproduction)iPhone 13 Line also does not come with a charger or headphones in its box. (Source: Stetson Doggett via YouTube / Reproduction)Source: Stetson Doggett via YouTube

Efficiency beyond profit

Although it weighs on the user’s pocket, Apple’s measure has a beneficial impact on the environment. According to the company, which promises to become emission-free by 2030, removing accessories from the sale of its cellphones has resulted in smaller packaging and subsequently made it possible to increase device production by 70%. In practice, the decision will reduce about 2 million metric tons in its annual carbon emissions quota.

And it doesn’t stop there: the company also said that 175 of its international suppliers will transition to the use of renewable energy sources, something that should avoid the emission of 18 million metric tons of carbon every year. If fashion becomes popular, the positive impact on the environment will be even greater.

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