Babies born to surrogates are left behind in Ukraine | World

A makeshift clinic on the outskirts of Kiev has become a maternity hospital for 21 surrogate babies who were not taken by their parents, who were unable to travel to Ukraine to meet their children.

Oksana Martynenko, one of the nurses working there, says she and her colleagues have not been able to go home since February 24, when Russia’s invasion of Ukraine began.

“It’s not their fault [dos bebês] whatever happened, it’s not the parents’ fault that they couldn’t rescue them, so we stayed here, hanging on and helping them with whatever we could,” she says.

The clinic is simple. Newborns stay on plastic beds. Nurses often care for more than one baby at a time.

The team claims that two couples, one from Germany, one from Argentina, have arrived in Kiev, but it is unclear whether they will be able to go out with their children.

Ukraine is a hub for surrogacy. Thousands of babies are born this way every year in normal times, and many of the customers are foreigners.

The practice has already been questioned by human rights groups, who claim that women who serve as surrogates bear the physical and psychological costs.

The babies in Kiev were born in maternity wards and taken to the clinic for their safety.

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