Chamber approves project that guarantees transfers to SUS providers who have not met goals

03/15/2022 – 17:52

Zeca Ribeiro/Chamber of Deputies

Carmen Zanotto read opinion on the project in plenary

The Chamber of Deputies approved this Tuesday (15) the Senate Bill 2753/21, which guarantees financial transfers to the providers of the Unified Health System (SUS), exempting them from meeting the goals due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Due to the changes, the proposal returns to the Senate.

According to substitute of the rapporteur, Deputy André Fufuca (PP-MA), these entities will be exempted from meeting the quantitative and qualitative goals of the contracts until June 30, 2022. The deadline ended on December 31, 2021. Fufuca maintained the intention of the original project and specified that the transfers will be by the integral values.

Due to what he considered an unwanted legal lapse, Fufuca amended Law 13,992/20 to make it clear that the exemption originates from March 1, 2020, a date that had been excluded when the first extension of the deadline to contemplate the year of 2021.

“Thus, through the substitute presented, I suggest the textual correction so that mistakes are avoided regarding the period of suspension of the fulfillment of the contractual goals”, he said.

For deputy Carmen Zanotto (Citizenship-SC), who read André Fufuca’s opinion in plenary, the project should have already been approved to give legal certainty to the procedures adopted by the Ministry of Health.

Carmen Zanotto defended the proposal because of the emergence of the ômicron variant, responsible for a significant increase in transmissibility and in the number of people sick with Covid-19. “In several cities, the occupancy of beds in Intensive Care Units is still at very high levels”, she commented.

The deputy also recalled the efforts of the Chamber of Deputies to fight the pandemic since March 2020. “Since then, we have lived moments of great sadness and loss of men and women who died with the pandemic. At that first moment, the health teams they didn’t have a simple mask. Today, its use is starting to become more flexible. The vaccine was essential for us to be able to face this pandemic”, he pointed out.

Medical care
In the plenary debate, deputy Kim Kataguiri (União-SP) spoke out against the proposal. “We need to renegotiate the quality and quantity goals of SUS elective surgeries, not simply extend the deadline for hospitals to fail to comply with the procedures, which may involve chronic diseases with irreversible damage”, he argued. “Citizens could not access medical care during the pandemic and now there is a huge queue. The population needs these surgeries immediately.”

Deputy Jorge Solla (PT-BA) stated that philanthropic hospitals are in a chaotic situation due to lack of funding. “The target contracts have not been readjusted since 2016,” he complained. “We have to charge the government for resources for hospitals.”

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Reporting – Eduardo Piovesan and Francisco Brandão
Editing – Pierre Triboli

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