Chernobyl plant is reconnected to the nuclear grid

A UN (United Nations) equipment allowed Ukraine to confirm today that the Chernobyl plant was successfully reconnected to the country’s electricity grid, which is in its 20th day of conflict with Russia. The plant was taken over by the Russian military at the beginning of the invasion.

“Ukrainian specialized teams managed, over the weekend, to repair one of the two damaged lines that connect the plant to the electricity grid,” confirmed the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency).

Since yesterday, Chernobyl has been able to provide energy and residents who depend on this source have been able to turn off emergency generators, which had been in use since March 9.

As of Monday, the site has received all the power it needs from the repaired line, allowing personnel to shut down the emergency diesel generators they have relied on since March 9, it said in a statement.

Europe’s biggest nuclear power plant, Zaporizhzhia, had a new attack confirmed by a Ukrainian regulator, informing the IAEA that “Russian military had detonated unexploded ordnance left at the site after the events of March 4”.

Yesterday, Ukraine accused the Russian army of having cut off electricity again at Chernobyl after authorities restored power to the plant on Sunday.

Negotiations without resolution

Negotiations between Russia and Ukraine ended again without a signed agreement. Today’s meeting was the fourth attempt at a ceasefire in the 20-day-old war.

Ukrainian negotiator Mykhailo Podoliak said the matter would be taken up again at a meeting scheduled for tomorrow.

“It is a very difficult and viscous negotiation process. There are fundamental contradictions. But there is certainly room for compromise. During the break, work in subgroups will continue,” he tweeted.

Map Russia invades Ukraine - 02.26.2022 - Arte/UOL - Arte/UOL
Image: Art/UOL

The new round of talks between neighboring countries began yesterday and was “paused” to resume today.

So far, negotiations have managed to secure the opening of humanitarian corridors, that is, safe escape routes for the evacuation of civilians.

Despite this agreement, Ukraine accused Russia of not respecting the truce for the passage of people.

Eastern European leaders go to Kiev

The premiers of Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovenia became the first foreign heads of state to visit Kiev since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine began. The three met today, after a long train journey, in the Ukrainian capital to indicate support for the invaded country.

Mateusz Morawiecki, Prime Minister of Poland, Petr Fiala, Czech Prime Minister, and Janez Jansa, leader of Slovenia, left this morning for Kiev, amid bombings taking place in Ukraine. hours later, Morawiecki posted images of the meeting on Twitter:

“It is here, in war-torn Kiev, that history is being made. It is here, where freedom fights the world of tyranny. It is here that the future of us all hangs in the balance. The EU (European Union) supports Ukraine, who can count on the help of their friends – we brought this message to Kiev today.”

With Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky refusing to leave the country, Eastern European leaders are looking forward to meeting him in the capital.

Before the meeting, Fiala said that “the purpose of the visit is to confirm the unequivocal support of the entire EU for Ukraine’s sovereignty and independence.”

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