Civilian police officers will be able to join the GDF health plan

The Government of the Federal District announced, this Tuesday (15/3), the expansion of the GDF Saúde – Supplementary Health Assistance Plan for civil servants – to civil police officers in the federal capital. In addition to PCDF servers, their dependents will also be able to join the list of beneficiaries served. Another novelty is the creation of a new service, with the intention of lowering the cost of the benefit to civil servants who earn up to five minimum wages, and the nationalization of service to subscribers.

The announcement was made in parallel with the signing of the salary recomposition proposal for the DF’s security forces.

Currently, GDF Saúde has regional assistance for GDF employees and their dependents, in 37 accredited hospitals. As of April, the program will have the district category, for civil servants who earn up to five minimum wages. In June, the national scope of the program will be implemented for civil servants who earn more than five minimum wages.

Civil police officers and their dependents will have access to the ranges corresponding to the salary sheets of each professional.


For the president of the Instituto de Previdência dos Servidores do Distrito Federal (Iprev-DF), which coordinates the GDF Saúde, Ney Ferraz, the program is in a “new phase of expansion”.

“We are launching [hoje] three news. The health plan for civil police servers, the national health plan for all GDF servers and also the district plan”, he announced.

He also commented on the entry of the DF civil police to the plan. “Health is the greatest asset of all. Without it, all other achievements fall to the ground. It is not by chance that our Federal Constitution provides that health is a right of all and a duty of the state. It is in this context that the GDF welcomes, today, in its Supplementary Health Assistance Plan, the career members of the Civil Police of the DF. You are all very welcome,” he said.

The national and district plans had already been announced in October of last year, but there are no dates set for their implementation.

The server that has already signed up will be entitled to service on the national network. Whoever joins the GDF Saúde Distrital, however, will not have service on the national network.

The creation of the district line will serve as a 50% savings on the amounts currently paid by servers. Who pays R$ 400 as a holder, will pay R$ 200. The reduction applies to dependents and also to retirees and pensioners and their dependents.

GDF Saúde was launched on October 28, 2020 and currently serves around 60,000 people. With the adhesion of civil police officers and their dependents, the estimate is that this number will reach 150 thousand. Since its opening, 200,000 consultations, more than 3,000 surgeries and almost 5,000 hospitalizations have been performed.

The plan currently has 37 hospitals in the Federal District and more than 2,300 accredited service providers, including clinics, laboratories, associations and also a cooperative.

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