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Samsung leads the list of the most searched cell phones during Consumer Week 2022. According to a survey carried out exclusively by the Buscapé website for the TechTudo, the South Korean manufacturer has seven of the ten most sought-after smartphones on the portal. The Galaxy S20, top of the line for 2020, is the most sought after cell phone of the brand.

The six other Samsung smartphones on the list are the Galaxy A32, Galaxy A52S, Galaxy M12, Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G (256GB), Galaxy S21 5G (128GB) and Galaxy A22. Only two other manufacturers appear on the list: Xiaomi, which ranks first with the Redmi Note 10S, and Apple, which ranks sixth and ninth with the 64 and 128 GB iPhone 11, respectively.

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Galaxy S20 and six other Samsung cell phones are among the most sought-after smartphones during Consumer Week 2022 — Photo: Thássius Veloso/TechTudo

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Most searched cell phones in Consumer Week 2022

Top 10 most searched cell phones (03/13)Lowest price yesterday (reference on 03/13)Lowest price 7 days agoLowest price 40 days ago
Xiaomi Redmi Note 10S 128 GBBRL 1,489.00BRL 1,423.57BRL 1,423.01
Samsung Galaxy S20 128GBBRL 1,979.00BRL 1,979.00BRL 1,979.00
Samsung Galaxy A32 128GBBRL 1,367.10BRL 1,367.10BRL 1,349.00
Samsung Galaxy A52S 128GBBRL 1,789.00BRL 1,789.00BRL 1,789.00
Samsung Galaxy M12 64GBBRL 899.10BRL 879.10BRL 879.10
Apple iPhone 11 64GBBRL 3,670.19BRL 3,571.91BRL 3,571.91
Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G 256GBBRL 4,949.10BRL 4,949.10BRL 4,899.00
Samsung Galaxy S21 5G 128GBBRL 3,099.00BRL 2,998.99BRL 2,998.99
Apple iPhone 11 128GBBRL 3,899.99BRL 3,899.99BRL 3,899.99
Samsung Galaxy A22 128GBBRL 1,298.00BRL 1,259.00BRL 1,115.07

The ranking prepared by the website Buscapé considers the surveys carried out on March 13th. In addition to the popularity of cell phones, the list shows the amounts charged during Consumer Week, the week before the event and 40 days before.

Interestingly, none of the smartphones on the list got cheaper during the shopping week. The best price performances are from the Galaxy S20, Galaxy A52S and the 128 GB iPhone 11, which maintained their values ​​during the surveyed periods.

Samsung Galaxy S20, S20 Plus and S20 Ultra;  know the technical sheet

Samsung Galaxy S20, S20 Plus and S20 Ultra; know the technical sheet

The Galaxy S20 was launched as Samsung’s top-of-the-line phone in 2020. The traditional version of the model features a 6.2-inch screen with 3200 x 1440 pixels resolution and a 120 Hz refresh rate. The rear camera has three sensors: one of 64 MP and two of 12 MP, which bring the telephoto, main and ultra wide lenses, respectively. The front camera for selfies is 10 MP.

The internal set features an Exynos 990 processor, a 2.73 GHz octa-core, 8 GB RAM and 128 GB storage, with a 4,000 mAh battery. The model, which provides memory expansion via microSD card, is dual chip. There are three colors available: grey, blue and pink.

Galaxy S20, the most sought after among Samsung phones, is top of the line for 2020 — Photo: Thássius Veloso/TechTudo

Xiaomi has its own e-commerce in Brazil, but not all models are sold here. In addition, the Chinese manufacturer’s store has much higher values ​​than those found in national retail; the Redmi Note 10S, for example, is found by Buscapé for values ​​from R$ 1,489. In the official store, the price is R$ 2,759.

These two facts make many people choose to import smartphones from the company, and therein lies the risk: about 60% of smuggled cell phones that enter the country are Xiaomi. This means, in addition to violating the law, that the consumer may be buying a product without knowing its origin.

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