‘Don’t Measure Your Strength Against Putin’: Chechnya Leader Rebuts Elon Musk’s Demand for Duel Against Russian President | Technology

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Putin’s ally, Kadyrov used his Telegram channel to counter the SpaceX founder and defend the Russian leader. “Do not measure your strength against Putin’s,” the Chechen president posted.

In the message, he also suggested that the Russian president is feared by Western countries. “Vladimir Vladimirovich [primeiros nomes de Putin] will look unsportsmanlike when it hits you, a much weaker opponent,” Kadyrov continued.

He said that Musk should stop being “effeminate” and become “brutal”, called the billionaire “Elona” and mocked with an invitation for the founder of SpaceX to train at centers in Chechnya.

In response, the businessman said that the training would give him a lot of advantage. “If he [Putin] afraid to fight, I agree to only use my left hand, and I’m not even left-handed,” said Musk, who changed his name on Twitter to Elona.

Elon Musk in photo taken on August 13, 2021 — Photo: Patrick Pleul/Reuters

On Monday, Musk posted the following tweet on his profile: “Vladimir Putin challenge to one-on-one combat. Ukraine is the bet.”

The businessman used the Cyrillic alphabet, used by Russians, to write Putin’s name and parts of the message. In another tweet, he tagged the Kremlin profile and asked, “Do you agree with this fight?”

With a long history of posting controversies on the social network, the businessman has been involved in the conflict in Eastern Europe. After the Russian invasion, SpaceX activated its Starlink satellite internet service in Ukraine to guarantee the country’s access to the internet.

SpaceX: 10 points about the company and its controversial founder, Elon Musk

SpaceX: 10 points about the company and its controversial founder, Elon Musk

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