Elden Ring: You saw George RR Martin’s initials and didn’t even notice

What George RR Martincreator of game of Throneswrote the basis of the mythology of Elden Ring everyone already knows. But what you probably didn’t realize is that the author put his name’s initials scattered throughout the game. And players are exposed to them all the time!

[AVISO: esta matéria contém leves spoilers sobre alguns dos personagens que aparecem no jogo, então prossiga com cautela.]

As noticed by the website PC Gamerall gods and demigods that carry a Great Rune in the game have names that start with one of the author’s initial letters, GRRM

This is particularly true, in particular, for the main four: Godfrey, Rennala, Radagon and Marika. But this detail continues with the other demigods: Godwyn, Godrick, Radahn, Rykard, Ranni, Renna, Morgott, Mogh, Malenia, Miquella, and Maliketh.

Recently, Martin celebrated the release of the game, weaving praise on his social networks. Title director Hidetaka Miyazaki also talked about how the author collaborated on the project, revealing that he set some rules for the writer to follow when creating this universe.

Even just a few days after being released, FromSoftware’s new game has already been considered an absolute success, surpassing other titles from the developer and becoming one of the highest rated games in history.

Elden Ring is available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S PC. Check out Voxel’s review!

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