Fox News producer dies covering war

The Ukrainian producer of the American TV network Fox News Oleksandra Kurshynova was killed yesterday during coverage of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The information is from the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, which reported that she was the victim of Russian attacks in Kiev.

“Truth is the target. Russian troops fired on the Fox News film crew near Kiev,” the statement read.

Earlier, the broadcaster reported that cameraman Pierre Zakrzewski had died. According to Fox, he was in a car with journalist Benjamin Hall, who was injured, when the vehicle was reportedly hit by fire following an attack.

“Pierre was a legend on this network television and his loss is devastating,” said the Fox News presenter who reported the death.

The cameraman had already participated in the coverage of other wars before, in Iraq and Afghanistan. He was 55 years old and leaves his wife.

Map Russia invades Ukraine - 02.26.2022 - Arte/UOL - Arte/UOL
Image: Art/UOL

Benjamin Hall, the journalist who was with Pierre, is British and a TV correspondent in Washington DC He was hospitalized and, according to the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, lost part of his leg.

The war between Russia and Ukraine reaches its 20th day today with new attacks on residential areas of the capital Kiev and the resumption of negotiations to end the military conflict. Moscow says it is too early to make predictions about the outcome of the talks.

Journalist killed in Irpin

The death of oleksandra Kurshynova It comes two days after American journalist Brent Renaud, 50, was killed in Irpin, in the Kiev region, while covering the refugee crisis leaving Ukrainian soil.

NYT journalist Brent Renaud was shot in the neck while covering war in Ukraine - Reproduction/Nieman Foundation for Journalism at Harvard - Reproduction/Nieman Foundation for Journalism at Harvard

NYT journalist Brent Renaud was shot in the neck while covering war in Ukraine

Image: Reproduction/Nieman Foundation for Journalism at Harvard

Brent was in a car with photographer Juan Arredondo, also an American, during the attack.

According to Juan, they were crossing a bridge to film refugees leaving Kiev and, as they passed a military checkpoint, they were shot at. The driver turned around to return, but the car remained in the sights of the shots.

The injured photographer recounted the attack while receiving medical attention at a hospital. “I saw him [Brent] get hit in the neck,” he said.

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