Ministry of Health announces flu vaccination campaign starting April 4 — Portuguese (Brazil)

As Brazil advances in vaccination against Covid-19, the Ministry of Health warns of the importance of immunization against the flu from April 4th. With the distribution of 80 million doses of the Influenza vaccine for the national vaccination campaign, Pasta predicts about 76.5 million people in the groups considered priority. The campaign is expected to end on June 3.

With the objective of preventing the emergence of complications resulting from the disease, deaths and consequences in the health services, vaccination against influenza is a Federal Government strategy to minimize the virus load, reducing the symptoms, which can also be confused with the of Covid-19.

The campaign will take place in two stages. D-day of national mobilization is scheduled for April 30th.

First stage – between 04/04 and 05/02

  • elderly people aged 60 years or older;
  • health workers;

Second stage – between 05/03 and 06/03

  • Children from 6 months to under 5 years of age (4 years, 11 months and 29 days);
  • Pregnant women and puerperal women;
  • Indian people;
  • teachers;
  • Comorbidities;
  • Persons with permanent disabilities;
  • Security and Rescue Forces and Armed Forces;
  • Truck drivers and workers in urban and long-distance collective road transport for passengers;
  • Port workers;
  • Prison system officials;
  • Adolescents and young people from 12 to 21 years of age under socio-educational measures;
  • People deprived of liberty.

trivalent vaccine
The trivalent influenza vaccine used by the Unified Health System (SUS) is produced by the Butantan Institute. The formulation is constantly updated so that the dose is effective in protecting against new strains of the virus. The vaccine will be effective against H1N1, H3N2 and type B strains.

In the case of children aged between six months and younger than 5 years who have already received at least one dose of the Influenza vaccine throughout their lives in previous years, the vaccination schedule with only one dose in 2022 should be considered. vaccinated for the first time, the orientation is to schedule the second dose of the flu vaccine for 30 days after the first dose.

Measles protection
The Ministry of Health also reinforces the importance of measles vaccination. To prevent outbreaks of the disease, the 2022 vaccination campaign will focus on children aged six months to under 5 years of age and healthcare workers.

Access the Technical Report on the 24th Influenza Vaccination Campaign here.

Giurla Martins
Ministry of Health

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