Mods turn Sifu game into Matrix

One player managed to turn Sifu in an amazing replica of Matrix. Instead of controlling the game’s original protagonist, you take on Neo and battle dozens of Smith Agents at the same time.

The modifications went viral on Twitter after user @Naxshe22 posted a gameplay video. The result is impressive, and it feels like we’re playing a completely different game. Check out the video:

Four mods were created to achieve this result. One of them changes the player’s avatar to the character Keanu Reeves, including the classic black overcoat from the movies; another, switches all enemies to Agent Smith, the franchise’s main antagonist. There’s also a mod that adds greenish tones to the graphics, and another that changes the sound effects to those of the movie — all to make Sifu look like he’s been in the movies. Matrix.

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All modifications were created by the user Halfmillz, and are available for free on the website. Nexus Mods. The modder even produced a trailer to promote the complete package in action; watch:

The mix makes perfect sense: in the story of Matrix, Neo learns various martial arts, including kung-fu; this is the fighting style in which the gameplay of Sifu is based.

Sifu is available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC. As mods change the original game files, it is possible to install them only on the computer.

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