Prime Ministers of Poland, Czech Republic and Slovenia go to Kiev to support Zelensky | National Journal

On the 20th day of the war, the bombs started before dawn, the Armed Forces invited all citizens to urgently go to the civil protection shelters. The Russians are now using heavy artillery against central Kiev.

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Rescue teams worked for hours to put out the fire that consumed a 16-story building. A man says that he already had his bags ready to flee, that he knew that sooner or later this would happen.

The affected area is in the capital, immediately after Irpin, the suburb destroyed by fighting in recent weeks. Mayor Vitali Klitschko toured the ruined areas and decreed a curfew in the capital until Thursday morning (17).

“It’s a difficult and dangerous time,” he said.

The Vatican has confirmed that Pope Francis has received an invitation from Vitali Klitschko to visit the war-torn Ukrainian capital. The pontiff reiterates the appeal he made on Sunday (13): to stop armed aggression before cities are reduced to cemeteries.

In Ukraine’s second-largest city, Kharkiv, bombing survivors were still being rescued when Russian jets returned, and everyone ran for cover.

Through a humanitarian corridor, around 2,000 cars have so far managed to leave Mariupol, the city in southern Ukraine besieged by Russian forces.

This Tuesday, the American network “Fox News” confirmed the death of film reporter Pierre Zakrzewski. He was working with reporter Benjamin Hall, who was injured. A Ukrainian journalist, Oleksandra Kuvshinova, also died in the same attack.

The Russian command only talks about military targets. He said he controls the Kherson region, a port city in the south.

The Russian army distributed images of soldiers with anti-tank weapons captured from Ukrainians in the region of Kiev and said that one of Tuesday’s targets was an arms factory in the Ukrainian capital.

Zelensky addressed the Russian soldiers:

“I’m talking about Kiev, our capital, the city you always called the ‘mother of Russian cities’, which made our people historic and which you bombed today. I offer you a chance to survive. If you surrender, you will be treated like people, decently, not the way you are treated in your army, and unlike the way your army treats ours. Choose.”

It was already dark when Zelensky received three visitors: the prime ministers of Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovenia arrived in Kiev by train to avoid the risk of having a plane or helicopter shot down by the Russians.

The president thanked them and said that their visit to Ukraine at this difficult time represents a strong sign of support.

The Italian Ministry of Defense has published a circular ordering all departments of the Armed Forces to be on standby, 100% motorized, with combat-oriented training. The March 9 document makes reference to what it calls “evolutions on the international chessboard”. According to the General Staff, it is a response to the changes that are there for all to see.

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