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Vladimir Putin in speech
Disclosure / Kremlin – 02.21.2022

Vladimir Putin in speech

In the midst of the war against Ukraine, Russia has decided to withdraw from the Council of Europe, the human rights body on the continent. The decision was released by the Russian Foreign Ministry.

Before that, Russia had already been suspended from the group, as many of the members condemned the invasion carried out by the Vladimir Putin government on Ukrainian territory.

According to CNN Brasil, Russia’s attitude was to anticipate an expulsion that would probably occur, as an extraordinary session of the Council’s Parliamentary Assembly had been scheduled for this Tuesday (15).

By withdrawing from the entity, the Russian government claimed that members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and the European Union that make up the council are turning it into “an instrument of anti-Russia policy”.

One of the effects of such a measure is that the Russian population will no longer be able to appeal to the European Court of Human Rights against the Putin government. Outside the Council, Russia will no longer be subject to the European Convention on Human Rights.

According to the publication, since the formation of the group, after the Second World War, Greece was the only country to leave the entity. The country withdrew from the council in 1969 to avoid expulsion after a military coup. With the restoration of democracy in the country, the Greeks returned to the group five years later.

War against Ukraine

Russia launched a war against Ukraine 20 days ago for not accepting the neighboring country’s interest in being part of NATO, the Western military alliance, led by the United States. Since then, the two countries have fought an armed confrontation that has already caused more than a thousand deaths and turned millions of people into refugees.

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