Sony launches new promotion for service subscribers

Available from this Tuesday (15), Sony’s new promotion brings discounts Exclusive to PS Plus subscribers. In total, 500 products between expansions, packs, full games and sets are discounted by up to 90%, up to March 17.

Among the highlights are the pre-order of Ghostwire: Tokyo in the base and Deluxe edition, the complete package of The Last of Us Part II and an interesting set for fans of the Rainbow Six franchise. In addition, Catherine: Full Body is offered at the best price seen in recent months.

Check out some of the top PS Plus exclusive sale deals below:

  • Ghostwire Tokyo pre-order: from BRL 299.90 to BRL 269.91 — 10% discount
  • Ghostwire: Tokyo Pre-Order (Deluxe Edition): from BRL 399.50 to BRL 359.55 — 10% discount
  • The Last of Us Part II (Digital Deluxe Edition): from BRL 249.50 to BRL 124.75 — 50% discount
  • Rainbow Six Extraction + Siege PS4 and PS5 (Deluxe Edition): from BRL 279.90 to BRL 195.92 — 30% discount
  • Control PS4 and PS5 (Ultimate Edition): from BRL 214.90 to BRL 64.46 — 70% discount
  • Disco Elysium – The Final Cut PS4 and PS5: from BRL 214.90 to BRL 118.19 — 45% discount
  • The Ascent PS4 and PS5: from BRL 149.50 to BRL 134.55 — 10% discount
  • Darksiders Genesis: from BRL 164.90 to BRL 32.98 — 80% discount
  • Blair Witch: from BRL 124.90 to BRL 37.46 — 70% discount
  • HITMAN Trilogy PS4 and PS5: from BRL 534.90 to BRL 267.45 — 50% discount
  • FIST Forged in Shadow Torch PS4 and PS5: from BRL 159.90 to BRL 111.92 — 30% discount
  • Catherine: Full Body (Digital Deluxe Edition): from BRL 207.90 to BRL 51.97 — 75% discount

You can find all the products on sale directly on the PlayStation Store. Keep an eye on the site for more deals and get the most out of your PS Plus membership.

Three PS Plus subscription models

In addition to having access to free games each month, PS Plus subscribers guarantee exclusive discounts on Sony stock and many other benefits. The service has three subscription options – monthly, quarterly and yearly – and can provide benefits of up to 52% in total savings, depending on the plan chosen by the player.

  • 1 year: BRL 199.90 (equivalent to BRL 16.70 per month)
  • 3 months: BRL 84.90 (equivalent to BRL 28.30 per month)
  • 1 month: BRL 34.90

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