Ukraine destroys Russian helicopters at Kherson airport

Ukrainian military today destroyed several Russian helicopters, which were parked at Kherson International Airport, in southern Ukraine, as revealed by satellite images from Planet Labs, a satellite company based in San Francisco (USA), and reproduced by the American TV network. CNN.

In the images it is possible to observe a large column of black smoke, with at least three aircraft on fire. Military vehicles were also hit. It is not known if there were any injuries or deaths.

According to CNN, the military attack on the airport was also captured by the FIRMS (Fire Information for Resource Management System), a NASA system that provides data on active fires, almost in real time, around the world. The attack would have taken place around 1:42 pm (8:42 am GMT), according to data from the platform.

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Coincidentally, Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov had earlier announced that the Russian Armed Forces had taken full control of the region.

The city of Kherson, a provincial capital of about 250,000 people, was the first key urban center to fall into the hands of Russian troops after Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24.

US defense officials said Russia could use Kherson as part of a strategy for a potential onslaught against Mykolaiv and then Odessa, other key cities in the country’s south.

Russia asks China for help

Russia asked China for military support during its war against Ukraine, according to information provided by a US official to the CBS News TV network. On the list of requests would be financial assistance and the possibility of supplying drones. Russians and Chinese deny the information.

According to the report, the Ukrainian military uses drones of the Bayraktar TB2 model, made in Turkey, remotely controlled and capable of destroying even war tanks. The equipment was being used quite effectively, which led Russia to consult with China. The government of Vladimir Putin, says the publication, would not have foreseen the use of this type of aircraft in the conflict.

Asked about the matter, the governments of Russia and China denied the information.

Last Sunday, Ukraine’s Deputy Defense Minister Anna Malyar said the number of Russian soldiers killed in the invasion would be 12,000. By contrast, on March 2, Russia — in a rare disclosure on the number of soldiers killed in the conflict — said that 498 of its soldiers had died in the conflict so far.

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