US announces new sanctions against Russia and the president of Belarus

posted on 03/15/2022 14:37 / updated on 03/15/2022 14:37

  (credit: Kremlin/AFP)

(credit: Kremlin/AFP)

The United States on Tuesday announced new economic sanctions against Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko and his wife, as well as others and a Russian entity, for corruption and human rights violations, the Treasury said in a statement.

Those sanctions target Lukashenko, an ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin and “head of a corrupt government in Belarus whose patronage network benefits his entourage and regime”, as well as his wife, the Treasury said.

The measures are part of a set of international sanctions against Russia and Belarus, this is due to some of the Russian troops having invaded Ukraine from the country.

In addition, a judge from Moscow, Natalia Mushnikova, was sanctioned under the Global Magnitsky Law, which aims to combat corruption and human rights abuses.

Three Chechen officials and the ministry they were attached to were also included on the Treasury’s restricted list for their part in the arrest of Oyub Titiev, head of Russian human rights NGO Memorial in Chechnya, convicted of drug possession in a case involving his supporters. , considered by the West as a montage.

“Today’s decisions demonstrate that the United States will continue to impose concrete and significant consequences on those who commit acts of corruption or are linked to serious human rights abuses,” said the director of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), Andrea Gacki, quoted in the statement.

“We condemn Russia’s attacks on humanitarian corridors in Ukraine and call on Russia to end its brutal and unprovoked war against Ukraine.”

Treasury sanctions freeze all assets that those involved may have in the United States and prohibit any transactions through the US financial system.

The US State Department on Tuesday also announced measures against 11 Russian Defense Ministry officials in response to the invasion of Ukraine.

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