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Lucas’ mother from “BBB22” refutes accusations that her son is a “playboy”: “He fights”

Lucas Bissoli’s team, from “BBB22”, had to explain itself after the brother was accused of being a hypocrite for a speech on the wall. Leader of the week, Lucas nominated Pedro Scooby, stating that the surfer does not put enough effort into the game and seems to disdain the reality award. Scooby was revolted, and pointed out that Lucas is a medical student, a very expensive course, in addition to having already done an exchange program and having other training in his curriculum. After the beef, several testimonies from people who claim to know the brother’s family, who would be very rich, began to circulate on social networks. Evanda Bissoli, Lucas’ mother, gave a statement to her son’s social networks clarifying the story. “He was doing production engineering, so we saved money so he could do an exchange program later. Then he told us that he had a dream of studying medicine, and when he was approved, he said he wasn’t going to do it because we couldn’t pay. sell a house that I inherited from my parents, which paid for about four years of tuition. pay what is missing from college”, explained the matriarch. Evaandra also responded to the public’s accusations, which pointed out several photos of international travel on her brother’s Instagram profile. “He used to go on a trip or two, but the real thing is that he barely leaves the house. This is our life, due to Lucas’ college.”

Formation of the wall The formation of the 8th wall of Big Brother Brasil 22 (Globo) reverberates throughout the early hours of this Monday Friday (14) among the participants. Chatter, charges and accusations took over the house after the definition of this week’s bricked ups. Arthur Aguiar and Pedro Scooby went after Lucas, leader of the week. The former Rebel confronted his brother about his speech about money and prizes when nominating the surfer to Paredão. At the beginning of the discussion, Arthur argues that Lucas misinterpreted his lines after the Leader’s Test, which lasted almost 24 hours and had the medical student as the winner by lot. “I never meant to say that R$ 20,000 makes no difference, it does for everyone”, explains Arthur. “The question is simple. I’m telling the person that I’m going to give the Angel of his son’s memories. For me, R$20,000 makes a difference to anyone, but when I’m fighting for leadership, I’m not worried about whether I’ll win the award or not, I’d rather stay another week at Big Brother. I’ve already told you several times. I thought it was clear to you.” Download the Yahoo Mail app in less than 1 min and get all your emails in one place Subscribe to the Yahoo Newsletter in 3 Minutes now

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