4 iPhone Features Android Owners Would Love to Have

The fact is that both the Android and iOS have advantages and disadvantages., and generally those who like one system don’t like the other. But sometimes, as a matter of necessity, we may end up needing to migrate the system, and consequently, losing some resources that we are used to.

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Some devices, however, have advantages that others do not, and today we are going to talk about the features that iOS has that Android users don’t have access to.

4 Features Only iOS Users Have Access to

O AirPlay is an Apple feature to mirror content between compatible devices and Smart TVs.

As it is an exclusive feature of Apple, Android users, although they can download similar resources, lose out in performance compared to the iPhone feature, which by far has the best functioning.

native of iOS systemO Facetime is a video calling appwhich connects several Apple devices in a call that can bring together up to 32 people, being an excellent option for keeping in touch with relatives or making work calls.

Google even tried, through the Duo application, to create something similar, but so far it has not been successful, since Duo’s operation depends on third-party programs such as Zoom or Meet.

With Facetime there is no need for a login and password, and the application automatically accesses the contacts in the calendar and makes the video call like a regular phone call.

  • No unnecessary apps

Appliances of android system usually come from the factory with several pre-installed applications that the user will never use. Each manufacturer inserts its own, such as theme store, operator apps and a bunch of other things that are useless. The problem is that many of them at least have the possibility to uninstall.

already the iPhone is noticeably superior in this regard. Your system installation is cleaner. And even though it has one or another application of little use, such as the podcast, health or compass, it doesn’t even come close to what the Android system allows manufacturers to include in applications, which, as a result, already start consuming the device’s memory.

  • Software always up to date

when the apple launches a new update, the devices immediately receive this update, without bureaucracy.

In return in android It happens that, due to the fact that the updates are first released to the manufacturers, and only then reach the user, this time between one action and another involves many tests and modifications of the system, until it can finally be considered compatible with the devices. This process often ends up delaying the arrival of the update for some models.

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