“always been an honest woman”

This week a case of betrayal gained the attention of netizens. A 31-year-old personal trainer found his wife having sex with a homeless man inside the car.

The situation was captured by security cameras in Planaltina, in the Federal Districtlast Wednesday (9).


After the episode, the staff came out in defense of the wife on the social networks. In a note, he said that the woman would have had a psychotic break and therefore the extramarital relationship was not consented.

“This is not a betrayal, but a crime of violence,” said the husband.

The man’s statement contradicts that of his wife, who claimed the police had willingly had sex with the homeless man.

In audios obtained by TV Globo, wife said she saw “pictures of husband and God” on the man’s face and so had sex. She also said that she was not under the influence of alcohol.

“She has always been an honest, hardworking woman, we have professional activities and small children. What happened last Wednesday was something terrible that we had never experienced. We remain confident in the investigative work of the Civil Police of the DF and the Public Ministry of the DF”, wrote the personal.

With the repercussion of the case, the profiles of the couple were excluded from social networks.

understand the case

According to the police, the boy went out to look for his wife who would have gone out to help a homeless person with her mother-in-law. After a while, the two parted ways.

The man then left to look for the woman. When he arrived at the Parish Elementary School, the man spotted the car his wife was using and approached.

It was then that he caught his partner and the ‘beggar’ having sex in the front seat of the vehicle. After seeing the scene, he assaulted the boy who was with his wife.

To Portal G1, the woman said that she was approached by the homeless man, who asked for money. As she did not have one, he asked to see the bible that the girl had received from her husband.

Soon after, the homeless man asked for a hug and the two got into the car and exchanged caresses. After that, the two met at an agreed location and had sexual practices.

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