Biden raises his tone and calls Putin a ‘war criminal’

After announcing the shipment of an additional US$800 million worth of anti-aircraft, anti-armor and drone weapons to the Ukraine, O president of U.S, Joe Bidensaid this Wednesday, 16, that the Russian president, Vladimir Putinis “a war criminal” for leading Russia’s invasion of the country.

It is the harshest condemnation so far of the actions of Putin and Russia by a US official since the invasion of Ukraine. While other world leaders used those words, the White House was hesitant to declare Putin’s actions a war crimes, saying this was a legal term that required research.

But in a speech on Wednesday, Biden said Russian troops had bombed hospitals and held doctors hostage. He promised more help for Ukraine to fight Russia.

Biden calls Putin

Biden calls Putin a “war criminal”; Kremlin says speech is ‘unacceptable’

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President of the United States, Joe Biden, signed this Wednesday, 16, authorization to send US$ 800 million in military aid to Ukraine.

In all, the US president has sent $2 billion in security assistance to Kiev since taking over the White House in January last year. About $1 billion was sent in the last week alone. “We will give Ukraine the weapons to fight and defend itself in all the difficult days ahead,” he said.

He announced the deployment of 100 US drones to Ukraine and assured that he would help the European country acquire “longer-range” anti-aircraft systems to defend itself from Russian bombing.

Biden spoke hours after the Ukrainian President Volodmyr Zelensky speaking video to members of the US Congress, in which he asked the US and the West for more help in resisting the Russians.

The White House leader praised the Ukrainian’s speech and said the American people were responding to calls for more help. “We will give Ukraine weapons to fight and defend itself through all these difficult days,” he assured.

Despite ongoing peace talks, Biden warned that the conflict could be “long and difficult”. According to him, sanctions against Moscow will become increasingly “painful” for the already deteriorating Russian economy.

The politician accused Putin of inflicting “terrible devastation” on the neighboring country and said the priority for the moment was to prevent the Russians from winning. “We will keep pressure on Russia’s deteriorating economy,” he said, adding that North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) allies are also committed to ensuring this.

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