Can holding fart be dangerous? Understand the case of Pocah

Holding fart is not healthy

Holding fart is not healthy

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hold fart, is generally seen only as an act of education. After all, flatulence often has an unpleasant smell and a great potential to cause embarrassment. However, this habit tends to be relatively dangerous for the body, as the accumulation of gas can cause bloating and severe abdominal pain. That’s what happened to ex-BBB Pocah.

Last Tuesday (15), on her social media, the singer reported that she woke up with a “surreal” pain in her belly and immediately went to the hospital. After being evaluated by doctors, she was diagnosed with retention of flatulence – or as Pocah herself preferred to name it: “trapped fart”.

Understand the risks of holding fart

According to the Brazilian Society of Digestive Motility and Neurogastroenterology (SBMDN), the act of releasing gases through the body is something natural and necessary for every human being. The accumulation of flatulence can cause sharp pain and distension in the abdominal region. Therefore, it is important, whenever possible, not to hold back farts.

In delicate situations, where flatulence can generate embarrassment, the ideal is to go to the nearest bathroom and meet the body’s needs. “All people produce intestinal gas regularly and, when in excess, they must be eliminated. These gases are the result of a normal biological process, called fermentation, which occurs during the digestion of food”, explains the SBMDN.

Also according to the entity, to avoid problems related to the accumulation of gases and excess flatulence, it is important that the patient has a healthy diet, chews food well and practices physical activities regularly. The combination of these factors, in addition to reducing the production of flatus, will also facilitate the elimination of them in a healthy way.

Check out the list of foods that can increase gas production

  • Legumes (beans, chickpeas, lentils);
  • Cruciferous vegetables (cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, artichoke);
  • Lactose, present in milk and dairy products;
  • Starch (potatoes, cereals, wheat);
  • Industrialized products in general;

Excessive flatulence, according to SBMDN, can also be caused by aerophagia – intake of air in an abnormal amount. Therefore, it is essential to eat calmly, in a quiet environment, chew food very well before swallowing and not ingest liquids with large meals.

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