Chico Pinheiro makes an announcement after having a fight with Ana Paula Araújo exposed

Francisco de Assis Pinheiro, popularly known as Chico Pinheiro, was once again one of the most talked about topics of the moment. This is because the anchor of the Good morning Brazil gives Globecaught the attention of netizens after interrupting the news to talk about his relationship with Ana Paula Araújo in front of everyone, without thinking twice.

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Contrary to what many people imagine, the communicator and the journalist do not get along well behind the camera, in fact, the situation is quite different. Apparently, they don’t even talk backstage at Bom Dia Brasil and, of course, the atmosphere isn’t the best.

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Because of this, Globo’s contractors ended up finding each other strange recently. According to TV Pop, the return of Chico Pinheiro after the troubled period of the pandemic did not please his colleague at all. Some say that Ana Paula Araújo would prefer to run the newspaper alone.

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In fact, that was what was being considered in view of the absence of the contractor as the anchor of the attraction. Because of this, the famous would have even refused to record calls next to her partner announcing her return in the intervals of the carioca station.

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On the exact day of Chico’s return on the morning news, the public was surprised by the journalist’s coldness when welcoming him. “Welcome back,” she said to her companion. “Thank you for the warm welcome,” he replied, in a rather ironic tone, according to viewers.

Chico Pinheiro talks about war on Globo's Bom Dia Brasil and draws the attention of viewers (Photo: Reproduction)
Chico Pinheiro talks about war on Globo’s Bom Dia Brasil and draws the attention of viewers (Photo: Reproduction)

It is also worth mentioning that this Tuesday (15), the journalist started the program by making an announcement about the war between Ukraine and Russia. Amid the bombings, the governments of the two countries are trying to talk.

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“Russia has again bombed residential areas of Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. There were several explosions during the night. Amid the bombings, Russians and Ukrainians are expected to resume diplomatic negotiations for a ceasefire today. Meeting that started yesterday, but after a few hours a technical break was agreed”, he explained.

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