Facebook removes ‘deepfake’ video of Zelensky ‘urging Ukrainians to lay down their arms and surrender’

The fears of the Ukrainian government were confirmed. On Wednesday (16/3), Facebook took down a “deepfake” video in which the president of the country invaded by Russian troops, Volodymyr Zelensky, appears asking Ukrainian fighters to lay down their arms and surrender to Russia. The material is fake.

The gross “deepfake” appears to have been first broadcast on a Ukrainian news site for TV24 after an alleged hack, as reported by Sky News.

The video shows a Edited Zelensky speaking behind his usual pulpitwhere he has made several statements since the beginning of the armed conflict on 24 February.

In the video, Zelensky’s bizarrely falsified version declares that Ukraine “decided to return Donbas (separatist region)” to Russia and that his nation’s war efforts had failed.

Volodymyr Zelensky
Volodymyr Zelensky Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

In the early days of the war in the former Soviet republic, Ukrainian government officials expressed concern that Russia starts circulating “deepfake” videos of its leader surrendering and urging its fighters to lay down their weapons. The idea would be to make the fake video go viral on social media.

“As for the latest child provocation with advice to lay down arms, I only advise that the troops of the Russian Federation lay down their arms and go home”Zelensky said when reacting to the “deepfake” video on Instagram. “We are at home and defending Ukraine”he added.

Deepfake” is a technique that allows you to show a person’s face in photos or videos altered with the help of artificial intelligence. To create the edited material, it is enough to have a real video and modify it with one of the many applications created for this purpose. material is so perfect that it is impossible to distinguish what is authentic and what is “fake.” This is not the case with this material with Zelensky, whose forgery has become extremely gross.

The video is so bizarre that it’s already rendering memes on twitter:

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