Gym allowance: See how it works and who can receive it

The gym allowance is a flexible benefit, where a company’s employees can practice exercises attending partner gyms or using plans agreed with the establishment.

Companies that seek to become attractive, seek to provide the best benefits to their employees. Among the most recent options in the job market, the gym aid.

What is academy support?

O gym aid it is a flexible benefit, where the employees of a company will be able to practice exercises attending partner gyms or using plans agreed with the establishment.

The benefit is a great way to show that the employer has some concern for the health and well-being of their staff. After all, exercising offers physical and psychological care, so it can relieve everyday stress.

How to grant?

The company can use several possibilities to grant the aid gym to its employees. See below the best options for implementing the benefit and the one that best fits your business profile. Check out:

  • Gympass: Through the Gympass app, employees will be able to find gyms where they can exercise for free throughout the country. Remembering that the company must link to the platform to release the aid previously;
  • Gym plan: The company can opt for the gym plan, guaranteeing good discounts considering the number of employees who will train;
  • Flexible card: This is a prepaid credit card offered by the company that can contain benefits and even discounts at gyms;
  • Partnership with gyms: Similar to the gym plan, the company can close an agreement with a gym close to its location, facilitating the access of its employees to the practice of physical activity;
  • Gym voucher: The voucher would be a means of specifically contracting the services of gyms. Thus, upon receiving the benefit, the worker could only use it in that sector;
  • Creation of a gym: Finally, if possible, the company can create a gym within its own establishment, facilitating the practice of physical exercises by its employees.

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