Homeless man assaulted by personal says woman called him to ‘play’

The homeless man who was beaten by a personal trainer last Wednesday (9) at Jardim Roriz, in Planaltina (DF), said, in a statement to the Civil Police, that he was invited by the wife of the physical education professional to “play” and that she convinced him to get into the car where they were both spotted. The aggression is being investigated by the 16th DP as “legitimate defense of third parties”, considering that the action would have been motivated by a suspicion of rape.

Givaldo Alves de Souza, 48, was punched and kicked by Eduardo Alves, 31. The injured homeless man was taken to the Planaltina Regional Hospital and later heard by the Civil Police. The man was discharged after treating his injuries.

In a deposition, to which the UOL had access, Souza reported that, in recent days, he had been sleeping near the Elementary School Center 02 in Planaltina, an administrative region that is 42 km from the center of Brasília.

On March 9, according to the man, Sandra Fernandes would have stopped the vehicle near the school around 9:30 pm. According to him, she would have called him and invited him: “let’s play?”. He said he was convinced and got in the car.

In testimony, Givaldo said that, while he was naked with the woman, the car would have been invaded as “an angry man”, who would have started a fight. He added that he met the personal trainer’s wife on the day of the incident and that he didn’t know she was married. He denied that there was rape.

Woman seeking spiritual mission and was found “in shock”

A military police sergeant who accompanied the incident said, in a statement to the Civil Police, that, when he arrived at the address of the event, he found two injured men, fighting, and a woman in an apparent state of shock.

Those involved, according to the police officer, had mismatched information and were taken to the Planaltina Regional Hospital by a team from the DF Military Fire Department.

A pastor, contacted by the personal trainer, went to find those involved in the health unit and also gave a statement to the police. He said he does social work and that approximately four days earlier he met the woman, who he describes as “apparently presenting psychological problems”.

According to him, she wanted to help in God’s work and expressed an interest in helping homeless people. The religious also reported the conversation he had with the woman in the hospital.

“In a confused way, she said that she had received a message from God and went to the place where a homeless person was, to which she had already donated a basic basket. She also he said had had consensual sex,” he said in a statement.

Faith and pressure from the past

The personal trainer even reported that the wife had psychological problems due to having been a victim of domestic violence in a previous relationship. In testimony, he said that his wife left on the 9th with her mother-in-law and at a certain point, after helping a homeless person in Planaltina, the women had separated. He also said that he tried to contact his companion for four hours. However, her cell phone was turned off.

“Eduardo informed that, as he was fearing that something serious was happening to his wife, he decided to put his knees on the ground and ask God for guidance, at which point he visualized the school and headed there. He said when he saw the parked car, immediately approached, at which point he saw them naked and having sex,” the document says.

To the police, the staff said he assaulted the homeless man because he believed the woman was being raped. Afterwards, he called the pastor of the church the couple attends for help.

Cameras recorded action

The assault was recorded by street security cameras. At around 10:30 pm, personal trainer Eduardo Alves, 31, approaches his wife’s car. He knocks on the bodywork several times, until he manages to open the door, takes the man who lives on the street from inside and attacks him repeatedly. The man leaves without clothes and is beaten again.

In the following images, it is possible to see that the wife, 33 years old, kneels on the floor and is restrained by the personal trainer. Other people appear on the scene and try to calm the couple.

The victim was rescued by the Fire Department and taken to a city hospital with several injuries, mainly to the face. The Department of Health did not confirm his condition. But the UOL found that Souza was discharged from the unit last Monday (13).

The woman, according to the couple’s lawyer, remains hospitalized at the Planaltina Regional Hospital. “She is receiving clinical and psychiatric support, according to the protocol of care for this type of violence”, said Auricelia Vieira.

Husband believes his wife was raped

In a note sent to UOL, Eduardo Alves says that the family has supported the woman. He says that she was a victim of violence and that everyone follows her medical evolution.

“She was always an honest, hardworking woman, we have professional activities and small children. What happened last Wednesday was something terrible that we had never experienced. , he said.

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