Learn all about the personal case betrayed his wife with homeless

Sandra, homeless and Eduardo
security camera recorded the moment the personal trainer Eduardo Alves, 31, beat a man on the street after catching him with his wife

The case of the personal trainer Eduardo Alves, 31, who beat a homeless after catching him having sex with his wife, Sandra, gained national attention on Wednesday (16). He issued a clarification note after the event, which took place in Planaltina (DF).

Eduardo accuses the rape of man. According to him, the woman would be psychotic break, so there would have been consensual extraconjungal relationship. “This is not a betrayal, and, yes, crime of violence,” he said.

Sandra already sent a voice message to a friend about what happened. Audio, it states that all the action was consensual. Initially, according to the woman, the homeless called for donations. “It made me want to give him a hug,” she said. Then the man asked to pet her feet. “I felt such a good thing”, says the personal’s wife.

She explains that she began to have visions that the homeless would be God or Eduardo, his companion. “Sometimes, I saw how God, sometimes as Eduardo,” she says.


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Personal wife kissed homeless in front of mother

Sandra says that the two began to kiss on the street, in front of the mother. “It is my purpose, let me get my purpose,” said the woman to her mother’s personal.

After the kiss, the homeless woman got into the car. “I went looking for a dark and empty place by the bus station for us to be together. I felt the need to let it get into my car, “she says in the recording.

Around 22:30, the images from the security cameras show the personal trainer approaching his wife’s car. It can open the door after knocking several times in the bodywork, takes the man from inside the vehicle and attacks him again and again. The man leaves without clothes and is beaten again.

What the police know about the case

The Civil Police of the Federal District works with two hypotheses in the case. The corporation investigates the homeless was beaten husband betrayed the victim or if he was raping the woman. She, in turn, claims that she “saw the face of God and husband” in man.

First on the scene of the attack, two military police reported they found the injured men, fighting, and the woman “in apparent shock,” according to the civil police.

Police said the men gave misinformation to MPs about what had occurred. Both they and the woman were taken to Planaltina Regional Hospital by the Fire Department staff.

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