Not in the mood for sex? Causes and how to increase libido!

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Sexuality is fundamental to the quality of life of a human being. It contributes to the well-being of the body as a whole, physical and psychological, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). On the other hand, the lack of sexual desire is found among approximately 15.8% of men and 21.1% of Brazilian women, according to the Sexual Profile of the Brazilian Population survey, published on the Fiocruz website.

Libido is a natural and healthy human instinct, but it can be influenced and changed by physical and emotional issues. Therefore, this is a subject that cannot be neglected.

Causes of lack of sexual appetite

The reduction or lack of libido can be caused by many factors, such as hormonal changes or personal life situations, whether temporary or not.

Here are the main causes of lack of sexual desire:

psychological/mental disorders: Anxiety and depression, for example, can affect libido. Lack of pleasure in routine activities is characteristic of these disorders, and sex is one of them.

stress: stress unbalances the autonomic nervous system, directly responsible for sexual desire.

Medicines: birth control pills, anxiolytics and antidepressants are drugs that cause hormonal changes in the nervous system. Some of these medications directly interfere with libido.

relationship problems: the lack of reciprocity, of understanding between the couple, or even of mutual admiration, are very common causes in the reduction of sexual appetite.

Menopause: Women suffer from many symptoms during menopause. In addition to irritation, vaginal dryness and hot flashes, which can already disrupt sexual desire, they suffer from a reduction in estrogen. This hormone, when in decline, causes a lack of libido – in this period, one in two women suffers from a lack of sexual appetite.

thyroid problems: hypothyroidism is the low production of the hormone by the gland. And some of the symptoms of this disorder are loss of libido and even erectile dysfunction.

low light exposure: that’s right. Even little exposure to sunlight can affect sexual appetite. A study showed that the sun’s rays contribute to the increase in hormone levels in men with low libido and, as a consequence, sexual satisfaction. Andrea Fagiolini, in an interview with Reuters, said that testosterone levels rise in summer and fall in winter.

Decreased testosterone levels: this is one of the main hormones involved in the regulation of sexual desire. Therefore, in low, libido can disappear.

How to contribute to increased libido

As you can see, the causes of lack of sexual appetite are many. It is possible to take some actions to reverse the situation: some at home, changing their own routine and others, seeking the help of a doctor.

Physical exercises: the regular practice of physical activities can help – and a lot – to increase libido. Physically active people have good blood circulation and consequent organ irrigation. Also, exercising provides the release of neurotransmitters in the brain that positively interfere with libido.

Practicing some kind of sport also helps to improve self-esteem.

Food: Balanced meals also help the individual to have a more satisfying sex life. After all, a healthy diet, combined with the practice of physical exercises, also improves blood circulation and the functioning of the body as a whole.

According to the WHO, healthy eating includes fruits, vegetables, legumes, oilseeds and whole grains.

Some foods, however, can specifically help with sexual matters: by increasing blood flow, with flavonols, by having B vitamins and by releasing serotonin and oxytocin, hormones of well-being and pleasure.

They are: avocado, chocolate 70% or more, salmon and tuna, quail eggs and peanuts.

healthy social life: having someone to talk to and looking for fun with pleasurable activities are essential for a good performance of sexual appetite. A healthy social life is directly linked to well-being and mental health, which directly affect libido.

Search for a doctor: when identifying the lack of libido, the first step is to seek a doctor: for all hormonal and mental health issues, it is necessary to seek the help of a health professional. Only he will know the specific cause, or multiple causes, of the lack of sexual appetite, and give the correct orientation on how to reverse the situation.

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