Personal trainer defends woman in new video: ‘Concern is health’

Personal trainer Eduardo Alves, 31, shared a video in which he once again defends his wife, Sandra Fernandes, 33. In the images, shared on Telegram, he appears with one hand bandaged and reaffirms that the woman suffered sexual violence for a homeless person in Palatina (DF) and that she has been the target of attacks after the episode.

Alves was recorded on video assaulting the man on the night of March 9, after catching the scene in the woman’s car.

“In view of this, I see that the facts have been transmitted erroneously by both parties, and at the moment what they should be worried about is her health, even because she is hospitalized”, he said.

“As a result, I come here to ask that this issue of disclosure be stopped, even more in the wrong way because, like it or not, they are harming the whole family: me and Sandra. When, in reality, care should be focused only on the improve her.”

According to the lawyer who defends the couple, Sandra was hospitalized after the incident and has not yet given a statement to the police.

the case

The episode took place on March 9, but gained prominence only this week. The assault was recorded by street security cameras.

At around 10:30 pm, the personal trainer approaches his wife’s car and knocks on the bodywork several times, until he manages to open the door, takes the homeless man out and attacks him repeatedly. The man leaves without clothes and is beaten again.

In the following images, it is possible to see that the wife kneels on the floor and is restrained by the personal trainer. Other people appear on the scene and try to calm the couple, who were sent to the 16th Police Station, located in Planaltina.

personal - Security/Playback Cameras - Security/Playback Cameras
Image: Security/Playback Cameras

The victim was rescued by the Fire Department and taken to a city hospital with several injuries, mainly to the face. At the police station, Alves also reported that the woman had been experiencing psychological problems, and that on the date of the incident, she went out with his mother.

“He [Eduardo] reported that, after helping a homeless person in Planaltina, the women (mother and wife) had separated. He looked for his wife and, upon seeing the parked car, immediately approached her, at which point he saw the woman with a man, having intercourse. [sexuais]. At that moment, he got into a physical fight,” said a statement from the Civil Police.

In testimony, Eduardo said that he spent four hours looking for the woman and trying to call her phone, which was off.

At the hospital, the man who was attacked, Givaldo Alves de Souza, 48, said the woman stopped her car at the place where he usually sleeps, near a school, and called him.

She would have proposed: “Let’s play?”, he said in a statement to the police. In his narrative, the woman would have liked him and convinced him to get in her car before they were caught by the “angry man” while they were having sex.

Although the moment in which those involved meet was recorded on video, there are still many points to be clarified by the investigation, which will define whether or not there was sexual violence in the context of the crime.

The delegate responsible for the case said he will not talk about the matter, which remains confidential.

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