Personal trainer who caught wife having sex with homeless man says he’s worried about women’s health | Federal District

“I see that the facts have been transmitted in an erroneous way, and at the moment, the concern should be her health, even because she is hospitalized”, says the personal trainer.

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In the footage, the personal trainer claims that the woman “suffered sexual violence by a homeless person” – despite his wife having admitted, in audio and to the police, that the sex was consensual. He also urged people to empathize with the delicate situation.

Wife says she saw God in the homeless

Personal trainer Eduardo Alves and his wife — Photo: Instagram/Reproduction

In audios of Eduardo’s wife, which are also circulating on the internet, she tells how she had consensual sexual relations with the homeless man. The woman says that she saw God, and her husband, in the man.

“I couldn’t even speak or open my eyes. My heart was racing, but I couldn’t feel hate for the man who did this to me because I only saw God in him. I only saw God. I can’t explain it”, says the woman in an audio message.

The woman also said that she found the homeless man in front of a kiosk, on the Rodoviária de Planaltina, and that he was smoking a cigarette.

“I took the cigarette from his hand and said: you will not smoke anymore […] because you are already cured. And then I already saw him as Eduardo [marido], You know? I was no longer seeing him as God. Then I took the cigarette out of his hand and threw it in the trash. He said: shall we talk? And I said: let’s go”, says the woman, in audio.

The woman said that then they went to the car where they had sex.

Personal trainer beat up homeless man

Man beats homeless man after catching him having sex with his wife, in DF

Man beats homeless man after catching him having sex with his wife, in DF

Security cameras captured the moment when personal trainer Eduardo Alves found his wife and the homeless man having sex in the family car, on Tuesday night (8), in Planaltina (see video above).

The images show that Eduardo pulled the man out of the vehicle and assaulted him. The personal trainer told police that he thought his wife was being raped, and said she faces “psychological problems”.

In the video it is possible to see that, after being beaten, the homeless man runs away from the staff. The woman stayed on the sidewalk and even fell to the ground, on her knees, next to her husband.

The homeless man received care at the public hospital in the region, after which he was not seen again. The Planaltina Regional Hospital does not say whether he was discharged. The woman, according to her family, remains hospitalized.

The case is investigated by the Planaltina police station. wanted by g1delegate Diogo Cavalcante said that the case is “in secrecy” and did not provide any information.

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