Rare animal that inspired X-Men spotted

A tour guide had an unexpected encounter with one of the most difficult wild animals to find: a wolverine, also known in English as a wolverine. Its appearance took place in Yellowstone National Park (USA) and was photographed by other witnesses.

The episode took place on March 5, when MacNeil Lyons, owner of ecotourism agency Yellowstone Insight and a former ranger, was leading a tour group north of the park.

During the moment they stopped to contemplate the nature around them, travelers spotted the iconic animal.

The wolverine is a carnivorous mammal, which is related to bears and represents the mustelidae family, which also includes ferrets and otters.

It inhabits forests, nature reserves and other cold areas of the Northern Hemisphere, especially Siberia, Canada and the United States, especially Alaska. Now Yellowstone Park has become one of the species’ abodes.


The English name of this animal, “Wolverine”, became popular for having served as the inspiration for one of the greatest heroes of the “X-Men” comic book series by Marvel. The Wolverine character has inherited some of the animal’s main characteristics, such as its wild and aggressive appearance, its scowling look, and a solitary lifestyle.

There is also an important detail that both have in common: the huge claws for hunting and defense against other predators.

According to information from NBC, fewer than 10 wolverines are believed to inhabit Yellowstone’s 2.2 million acres.

In an interview with the American broadcaster, MacNeil Lyons said that was the first time he had seen the animal in more than 20 years of working as a tour guide in the park.

After visiting the site later to investigate the wolverine’s footsteps, James Halfpenny, an animal tracking expert, explained that the animal was following moose footprints through the snow, but halfway hesitated. When he decided to return to his starting point, the specimen came across a deserted road, where within moments it was seen by Lyons and his tour group.

According to the guide, wolverines often look far and wide for food in winter and can even sniff out a moose carcass buried in an avalanche, dig deep into the snow to break it up and feed for weeks. He is also a skilled animal at creating shelters from the cold.

“A wolverine is a scavenger, and it eats anything it can put in its mouth, and in that desolate, snowy region, it’s looking for dead animals, anything that has died, a carcass,” Halfpenny said.

The expert pointed out that it is not yet known whether the wolverine seen was male or female, but he confessed to some enthusiasm, since, for many years, the only records of this animal in the region were limited to witnesses of apparitions. Now, there are photos and footage that prove their presence and encourage the hypothesis of wolverine families.

“If that can prove that there are not just this one, but more of them, that would be great,” he said.

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