Video: Russians fight over sugar in supermarkets after Moscow sanctions

Credit: Reproduction

Customers at a supermarket in Moscow, Russia, were caught disputing bags of sugar (Credit: Reproduction)

Customers at a supermarket in Moscow, Russia, were caught scrambling for bags of sugar this week. The shortage of the product comes on the heels of a series of sanctions against the country, after President Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine on the 24th.

On social media, several videos and images of the confusion were shared. One of the videos that went viral was released by Liubov Tsybulska, an adviser to the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

“People in Moscow fighting for… SUGAR. Well, dear Russian citizens, this is just beginning,” wrote Tsybulska.

Anna, a local resident who filmed the rowdy altercation, told the Podyom news portal that people behaved aggressively because they were scared off by empty shelves.

“There were empty shelves – no salt, no sugar, no pasta, no buckwheat and just expensive rice,” she said. “People suddenly saw a cart with sugar and ran towards it. They attacked this cart, pushing each other aggressively. They were taking as much as possible for themselves, leaving no sugar for others,” said Anna.

Russians have been told not to hoard food, but there is a lack of trust in official assurances that there will be no shortage of supplements amid Western sanctions over the war.

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