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Images show Praça do Comércio, in Lisbon, taken by the cloud of dust
Reproduction/Twitter – 03.16.2022

Images show Praça do Comércio, in Lisbon, taken by the cloud of dust

After hitting Madrid and much of Spain yesterday (15), the orange dust cloud from the Sahara arrived in Portugal this Wednesday (16). Images shared on social networks show the color of the landscapes altered by the meteorological phenomenon:

According to the State Meteorological Agency of Spain (AEMET) in addition to the two countries, the territory of France is also under the cloud. In images of halls shared on Twitter it is possible to see the dust:

meteorological phenomenon

In a video, AEMET explained that the phenomenon, known as “calima” (“mist” in free translation), happens due to storms in the Sahara desert that create gusts of wind that lift particles of sand and dust.

As a result of the temperature difference, the smaller particles are suspended in the air and are transported to the Iberian Peninsula, causing the dust cloud seen in Portugal, Spain and France.

According to the Portuguese Institute of the Sea and Atmosphere, “the most visible effects are the change in the color of the sky, as the dust is normally above the surface”.

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