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Bruna worked as a caregiver for the elderly, and because she felt a little short of breath, she went to the Northwest Zone Emergency Care Unit on January 7th. “The doctor prescribed me a steroid in the buttock,” she says. According to the patient, soon after the nurse applied the medication, she began to feel burning in her buttocks.

Congestion on Cônego Doménio Rangoni reflected in a high flow of vehicles on Via Anchieta — Photo: Marcela Pierotti/g1

The excess of trucks caused congestion in the Rodovia Cônego Doménio Rangoni, in Cubatão, in the lane towards Guarujá, this Wednesday. The situation also caused delays in the central roads of Cubatão and in the queue for ferry crossings between Santos and Guarujá.

There were reports of drivers who had waited since 4:30 am to gain access to Canon Domênico Rangoni. The administrator José Barbosa Salvador told the g1 who stayed inside a bus, in the central region of Cubatão, for about 1h30. He says that the journey usually takes 8 minutes.

Heavy rain causes landslide on Vila Baiana hill, in Guarujá, on the coast of SP — Photo: Nina Barbosa/g1

After the work of technicians from the city hall and an inspection by the Civil Defense of Guarujá, 12 families from Morro da Vila Baiana, hit by landslides on Monday night (14), managed to return to their homes safely on Wednesday morning. A family stays in temporary accommodation at the Tejereba Gym.

According to the city hall, in Morro da Vila Baiana, a house was hit by a tree, which has already been removed by the Municipal Environment Department. The house will be demolished by city hall teams.

Trumpeter performed in hospital months after being discharged from Covid-19 — Photo: Assessoria FSFX

Almost nine months after being discharged, 42-year-old musician and trumpeter Alessandro Ribeiro performed at the hospital where he was hospitalized with Covid-19. The instrumentalist was treated at the Hospital de Cubatão (SP), managed by the São Francisco Xavier Foundation.

To the g1, he revealed that the experience of returning to the hospital to honor the professionals who took care of him was “very happy and rewarding”. Ribeiro explained that he paid tribute in an open area of ​​the health unit, close to the cafeteria, and during lunch time. Thus, the music could be heard by several doctors and nurses.

Illegal palm heart extraction

Trio was fined more than R$380,000 for illegally harvesting juçara palm hearts in Pariquera-Açu – Photo: Environmental Military Police/Disclosure

Three suspects were arrested and charged with R$381,600 for illegal extraction of juçara palm hearts in Pariquera-Açu, in the interior of São Paulo. The Environmental Military Police caught the trio cutting the vegetable.

The trio was arrested and sent to the Pariquera-Açu Headquarters Police Station, where they were charged with the irregularity. The men were released and will respond criminally and administratively.

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