Why should you pay attention to the appearance of nails?

If you are one of those people who only notices the appearance of your nails when you go to the manicure, know that paying more attention is important, as they can reveal silent problems in the body. Through the appearance of the nails it is possible to identify how health is in relation to the lack or excess of certain nutrients and when there is an infection problem.

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According to dermatologist Dr. Adriana Vilarinho, when the nail presents some of these aspects, it is worth going to your doctor to evaluate if there are any health problems. Here are some signs that we can identify through the appearance of nails.

Signs that we can identify through the appearance of nails

clear nails

These could be signs of a lack of vitamins or hormonal dysfunction. It is possible that the person has a picture of anemia because of iron or protein deficiency.

whitish nails

It could be a sign of liver problems, kidney disease, cirrhosis, heart failure, diabetes, fungal infection, or even a genetic change, or diseases like leprosy and vitiligo.

yellowed nails

It can happen due to some fungal infection or reaction to some medication. However, it can indicate more serious diseases such as psoriasis, liver disease, lung disease and diabetes.

cracked nails

It can pose problems due to excess enamel, in this case, just reduce the use of enamels and acetones on your nails for some time. In addition, it can be an indication of lack of vitamins such as folic acid, iron or endocrine or thyroid-related problems.

Tips to keep your nails healthy

  • Always cut in a square shape to avoid ingrown nails;
  • Do not remove the entire cuticle, as it can facilitate the entry of fungi, bacteria and infections;
  • Never use someone else’s pliers, sandpaper, toothpick and scissors;
  • Eat quality fruits, vegetables, legumes and proteins;
  • After bathing, always dry your fingernails and toenails well to avoid mycoses;
  • Use gloves for washing dishes or household cleaning to avoid contact with chemicals;
  • Avoid biting your nails;
  • Use anti-allergy products recommended by the dermatologist.

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