Yoga master uses testicles to lift up to 75 kilos

A 65-year-old yoga master caught local media attention after demonstrating a testicle weightlifting technique to the Argentine newspaper El Clarin. According to the publication, Fernando Calviño, who lives in the neighborhood of Villa Urquiza, in Buenos Aires, manages to lift 75 kilos tied to the organ.

In an interview, the professor taught that the tactic necessary to be able to lift without problems is to breathe “consciously” and knead each testicle for 30 seconds with both hands before the activity.

He wraps the testicles in a blue silk belt before doing the lifts and says that the activity is not an act to be strange, but an ancient technique that may seem unusual in the West, but is practiced to this day in Taiwan and by some people. Buddhist schools.

In Buddhist culture and within Taoism, testicular weight lifting would be one of the Xi Sui Jing exercises, a legacy of transformation that would serve to renew bone marrow and brain cells.

“You don’t have to lift the 75 kilos. It’s possible to feel the benefits of the technique with much less weight. Even if you don’t believe it, everyone can do it”, he told the newspaper.

Calviño said the technique is not painful and is also not intended to increase people’s sexual pleasure. “They are a means of strengthening the body, mind and senses, cultivating spiritual energy,” he said.

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