Cases of the “fly virus” quadruple in Ceará; see how to prevent

In state Emergency Care Units (UPAs), cases of viral gastroenteritis — disease popularly known as “fly virus” — had a percentage increase of 310.64% between January and February this year. From 1,344 cases registered in the first month of 2022, notifications jumped to 5,519 occurrences in the following month.

A disease that becomes more common in the rainy season, the “fly virus” is an infection caused by viruses – or even bacteria – whose main symptom is diarrhea. It may be associated with vomiting, nausea, muscle and joint pain, abdominal pain, and fever.

Why cases of “fly virus” increase

With more rain and more insects circulating, the doctor Marco Túlio Aguiar, a professor at the Federal University of Ceará (UFC) and the University of Fortaleza (Unifor), draws attention to the possibility of flies coming into contact, for example, with garbage in the sky. open and then with the population and with food.

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In the rainy season, this situation “ends up generating this consequence, which is the increase in the virus”, says the professional, who is part of the Coletivo Rebento – Doctors in defense of Life, Ethics, Science and the Unified Health System (SUS). ).

“It is being very frequent at the moment, and when affected by these diseases, it is often necessary to seek medical attention – either at the Basic Health Unit (UBS), or at the Emergency Care Unit – to carry out the appropriate treatment and avoid complications , especially in children and the elderly”, says doctor Leandro Araújo, from UPA Praia do Futuro.

How to treat the “fly virus”

Once the person is sick, Aguiar explains that, if the symptoms are mild, they can use painkillers, such as dipyrone or paracetamol, to relieve muscle pain and fever. You should also hydrate yourself with water, coconut water and juice.

An alert made by the doctor is for self-medication, especially with antibiotics. Since most of these infections are viral, he explains that the use of antibiotics is unnecessary and can be harmful to the population, as it can generate resistance to the drug.

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“In those cases where there is more severe dehydration, in which the person is vomiting or has very intense diarrhea, it would be interesting to seek medical assistance to be able to assess the hydration status, if you need to do intravenous hydration. But most of the time they are mild cases “, adds the doctor.

Where to seek care for “fly virus”

Leandro Araújo, also points out that the “great majority” of cases is mild and can be conducted in UBS, the health posts. UPAs are a gateway for cases where symptoms do not improve. “Or those who have more aggravated symptoms and who really need laboratory or complementary tests to be able to help in the best conduct of the diagnosis, the best treatment of these patients”, adds the professional.

Seeking a health unit is also indicated in cases where there is doubt about which disease the person has. In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, which has symptoms that can coincide with those of viral gastroenteritis and the rainy season, which is also favorable to the increase in arbovirus cases, these confusions can occur.

“Dengue, yellow fever, zika and chikungunya, which (also) can manifest with high fever, body pain and can progress with diarrhea. So, if there is any doubt about the diagnosis, it is important to seek the health service to do the proper diagnosis and proper treatment”, adds Marco Túlio Aguiar.

Most dangerous symptoms of “fly virus”

In children and the elderly, severe diarrhea and vomiting can have a more serious impact. “This can have a systemic repercussion, he can have significant dehydration. So, we recommend having greater vigilance, offering an adequate amount of liquid”, explains the professor from UFC and Unifor.

Both natural moisturizers and those that can be purchased in pharmacies are indicated. “I even recommend that you have oral rehydration salts, in health units the population can get these salts and can do oral hydration, avoiding cases of complication.”

Prevention of “fly virus”

To prevent viral gastroenteritis, the doctor indicates some protocols already known to the population over these two years of the pandemic, since Covid-19 is also caused by a virus.

Sanitizing work and home spaces, in addition to washing hands – with soap and water, for at least 20 seconds, or using alcohol gel or liquid – are fundamental actions, according to Leandro Araújo.

“Prevention is essential to avoid the spread of this disease, since it is transmitted from person to person. We have this great task, together with the entire community. Less known people, less people overloading (the health system)”, he says. .


  • diarrhea
  • vomit
  • body ache
  • abdominal pain
  • fever

Measures to combat and prevent viruses

  • Wash hands and food well
  • Avoid littering on the street
  • Use alcohol gel
  • Keep your home and work environment clean
  • Adopt other health protocols

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