Doctors are surprised to find a glass inside a woman in Tunisia

An X-ray left doctors at a hospital in Tunisia stunned, as it showed a glass beaker lodged in a patient’s bladder.

The case was carried out by a 45-year-old woman, who felt severe and frequent pain in the abdominal region. When she decided to seek help at the emergency room at the Habib Bourguiba Academic Hospital in Sfax, experts believed the problem was a urinary tract infection.

The patient stated that she has suffered from these pains for years, but the reason for the discomfort has never been investigated, mainly because there has never been any bleeding in the urine or urinary incontinence.

However, the discomfort persisted and more detailed examinations were carried out to discover the cause. Later, the X-ray identified a glass cup surrounded by a stone in the patient’s 8 cm wide bladder, which is normally so small that it is difficult to see with the naked eye.

According to the American newspaper New York Postthe woman revealed to doctors that the object had been used as a sex toy years before.

An article from the medical journal Wed MD describes this practice as “urethral probing”. It consists of introducing an object into the urethra – the hole through which women urinate – instead of the vagina, with the aim of increasing sexual pleasure and arousal.

Despite being a very risky habit, it is considered common. The medical report indicates that there are reports of people inserting objects of various types into the orifices of the body, due to mental health problems or erotic motivations. But usually, they seek medical help when this practice starts to result in injury or when the object becomes attached to the body.

“Various objects are inserted into the body and many patients are unable to remove them and are too embarrassed to seek medical advice. And this often results in an atypical clinical picture in a specific part of the patient’s body,” the report stated.

Another strange discovery

After suspecting that the patient’s malaise was associated with a urinary tract infection, the doctors did some more tests to confirm the diagnosis. Then, they noticed the presence of a set of red blood cells above normal, showing a reaction of the body to a possible infection.

The surprise was related to the stones detected in the woman’s bladder. Normally, these fragments inside the organism are small, but the ones that were lodged in the patient were approximately 8 cm.

These stones form from solid masses of minerals that develop when urine is not properly emptied from the bladder. They can also grow around anything inside the organ, including a glass, as in the case of the Tunisian.

Doctors removed the container from inside the patient’s bladder in surgery. Luckily, it wasn’t broken and it didn’t do much damage to the organ. Two days later, the woman was discharged and returned home.

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