Mariupol has 80% of homes destroyed, and 30,000 have abandoned the city – News

THE destruction of Mariupolunder Russian siege for the past 16 days, is “colossal” and an estimated 80% of homes have been destroyed, while 30,000 people managed to flee the Ukrainian city in the last two days by their own means, the city said on Thursday. thursday (17).

“According to preliminary estimates, about 80% of the city’s homes have been destroyed, of which almost 30% cannot be restored. The situation in Mariupol is critical,” the city wrote on its Telegram channel.

Authorities said the city has been under lockdown for 16 days and that more than 350,000 Mariupol residents remain hidden in warehouses and basements “in the face of continuous bombing by the Russian occupation forces” that drop, on average, “50 to 100 bombs”. airlines per day”.

In the last two days, the inhabitants of Mariupol began to evacuate the city by private transport to Berdyansk and Zaporizhzhia, after opening a corridor.

“In all, around 6,500 cars left the besieged Mariupol. In total, around 30,000 people left in their own transport,” he said.

Separately, the city government clarified that there is still no information about possible casualties from the Russian bombing, on Wednesday (16), of a theater in the city, where more than a thousand women and children took shelter and which was reduced to rubble. The building’s bomb shelter is believed to have withstood the attack.

The city has almost no water, medicines or basic food and is without gas or electricity because of the bombings.

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