Personal about betrayal with a homeless person: “My marriage continues”

A video released by metropolises, last Monday (14/3), shocked the internet and became one of the most talked about subjects in recent days. The story that went viral is about a man who assaulted a homeless man after seeing him in a car having sex with his wife.

It all started with the disappearance of Sandra Mara in Planaltina. The businesswoman had gone out to help homeless people in an evangelical church action she attended. Many hours without any news and afflicted, Eduardo Alves looked for his wife through the city streets until he found her having sex with a homeless person in the car. Edward attacked the man.

All those involved were taken to the 16th DF Police Station. The version that is known so far is that Sandra Mara would have had divine visions that she would be experiencing the presence of God. Since the repercussion of the case, the couple’s life has not been the same. Targets of memes and mean jokes on the internet, today the LeoDias column talks to Eduardo, Sandra Mara’s husband, who had his life turned upside down since that event.

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