Personal accused of beating homeless says wife has psychological problems

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According to the personal trainer’s statement, he thought the woman was being raped, so he assaulted the man – Photo: Social Networks | disclosure

Personal Eduardo Alves, 31, investigated for beating a homeless man after catching him having sex with his wife, said he thought the 33-year-old woman was being raped. He also stated, in a statement to the Civil Police that the woman faces psychological problems. The case took place last Wednesday night (9), in Jardim Roriz, in Planaltina, in the Federal District. In the incident report, it is stated that the wife went out with her mother-in-law to try to help the homeless person, however, during the journey, they separated. As his wife did not return, personal trainer Eduardo Alves went out to look for her. On the way, he found the woman’s car parked and, as he approached, he saw her companion having sex with the homeless man. Security cameras recorded the moment when the husband began to attack the man, with punches and kicks, already outside the vehicle – see the video below.

The Military Police of the Federal District (PMDF) was called and initially reported as being a rape situation. To the military, those involved presented conflicting information about what happened. The three were taken to the Planaltina Regional Hospital by the DF Military Fire Department. The personal trainer was then released. Photos circulating on social media show a person who would be the hospitalized homeless person, but the health institution does not confirm if it is him. The Civil Police of the Federal District reported that, after the confusion, those involved were referred to the 16th Police Station in Planaltina. Eduardo testified and was released, as were the woman and the homeless man. Eduardo Alves told the police that he thought his wife was being raped by the homeless man. In the statement, he also stated that the woman faces psychological problems.

The TV Globo report obtained audios in which the personal trainer’s wife narrated what happened. She said she was initially approached by the homeless man, who asked for money. As she didn’t have one, he asked to see a bible that her husband, Eduardo Alves, had given her. Then, according to the woman’s audio, the homeless man asked for a hug and the two got into her car. The woman said that the man started to caress her foot, and that he told them to go somewhere else. According to the audios of the personal trainer’s wife, at that moment, she decided to arrange a meeting with the homeless man, at the Planaltina bus station. The woman also says, in the recordings, that she went to the agreed place and that she waited for the man. When he arrived, she explains that the two got into the vehicle and had sex with her consent. The woman further claims that she saw “images of her husband and God” in the homeless man and that she had not ingested drugs or alcohol. After the episode gained social media, the investigation is carried out confidentially and the Civil Police does not disclose information about the case.

Source: G1 Federal District
Editing: Zahyra Mattar | notisul

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