Personal trainer records video and breaks silence: ‘My wife has always been honest’; Homeless disappears from region and alerts residents – Watch

The story of the personal trainer who found his wife having sex with a homeless person inside a car in Planaltina, Distrito Federal, has been going around Brazil. According to the husband, however, the situation was not consensual, and his wife suffered sexual violence. In a note sent to UOL, Eduardo Alves, 31, defined the incident as “something terrible”.

The case, which took place last Wednesday (9), culminated in the beating of the homeless man, 48, at the hands of Alves. “Sandra has always been an honest, hardworking woman, we have professional activities and small children. What happened last Wednesday was something terrible that we had never experienced. We remain confident in the investigative work of the Civil Police of the DF and the Public Ministry of the DF“, he stated.

The Civil Police is investigating the case to define the nature of the relationship. “The family has given her all the support, we are following the medical evolution. We ask for the cessation of dissemination of untrue materials, which belittle women victims of violence“, observed Edward.

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The couple’s lawyer also said that the girl is hospitalized in a private hospital. “She is receiving clinical and psychiatric support, according to the care protocol for this type of violence.“, he explained. On the day it all happened, the personal trainer told police that his wife had been experiencing psychological problems.

He (Edward) reported that, after helping a homeless person in Planaltina, the women (mother and wife) they had split up. He looked for his wife and when he saw the parked car, he immediately approached her, at which point he saw the woman with a man, having intercourse. [sexuais]. At that moment, he got into a physical fight with the accused, because he believed that she was being raped. The police investigates the case“, he reported, in deposition. The responsible delegate said that the case remains confidential.

Eduardo manifests himself in video on social networks

On social media, the husband published a video saying that the narrative broadcast on the web – of a consensual relationship – would be wrong. “They are generating offensive content against the honor of my wife, who suffered sexual violence by a homeless person. In view of this, I see that the facts have been transmitted erroneously by both parties and, at the moment, what they should be concerned about is her health, even because she is hospitalized“, he said.

In the register, Eduardo appeared with one of his hands bandaged. “Therefore, I come here to ask that this issue of disclosure be stopped, even more in the wrong way because, like it or not, they are harming the whole family: me and Sandra. When, in reality, care should be focused only on improving her“, asked the staff.

Whereabouts of the homeless person

After the episode and suffering aggression, the homeless man stopped going to the region where he used to stay in the city of the Federal District. According to the Metrópoles portal, the 48-year-old man circulated daily around the CEF Paroquial school and the bus station in the administrative region. From time to time, he still sought help at a homeless shelter.

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Now, he is no longer found on the site. “He must not have gone very far, because he doesn’t have a car or the financial means to pay for his ticket. But, of course, he preferred to stay further away from where it all happened, because in the city they only talk about it now. He must be scared of all this“, opined a trader in the region, to Metrópoles.

The micro-entrepreneur also reported that the man “found it strange” when people recognized him on the streets, as he does not have a cell phone or TV to follow the repercussions. “That must be why he ‘leaked’ from here“, he pointed out.

remember the case

In recent days, the video has circulated through social networks in which a personal trainer assaults a homeless person, after catching him having sex with his wife in a car. Hours earlier, the woman and mother-in-law would have gone out into town together and stopped to help the homeless man. The case took place last Wednesday (9) in Planaltina, in the Federal District, and is being investigated by the Civil Police.

The assault was recorded by security cameras. At around 10:30 pm that day, Eduardo Alves, 31, went in search of his wife, who had been out of the house for a few hours. The boy saw her car parked and, when faced with the sex scene, he hit the bodywork of the vehicle several times, until he managed to open the door. He then took the homeless man out of the car and punched and kicked the man.

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Husband believes in rape

Now, new information has come to light. To investigators, the personal said that his aggression was because he thought his 33-year-old wife was being raped. Still in the statement, he stated that the woman faces psychological problems and would not be able to consent to a sexual relationship, as she was having “a psychotic break”. “This is not a marital betrayal, but a crime of violence.“, he reinforced, in a note sent to the column “Na Mira”, of the Metrópoles portal.

Wife says there was consent

The wife, on the other hand, told the police that the sex would have been consensual. In audios obtained by TV Globo, she narrated what would have happened at the time. While walking on the street, the woman was approached by the homeless person, who asked for money. As she didn’t have one, the homeless man then asked if he could see the bible that the girl had in her hands, an item she got from Eduardo. Then the “beggar” would have asked for a hug: “I wanted to give him a hug”.

After that, the two then left for the car. There, the homeless person would have stroked the girl’s foot and suggested that they go somewhere else. “I felt such a good thing”, she said, in the messages. Both decided to arrange a meeting at the city’s bus station, where they later met again. At the time, the two once again entered the vehicle and, this time, had sex.

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Throughout the story, the woman also said that she began to have visions that she would be in the presence of God. At other times, that the homeless person would be Eduardo, her companion. “Sometimes I saw him as God, sometimes as Eduardo”she said, then citing an “interference” from Pastor Tiago Brunet, known as “mentor of the famous”.

“Then a message from Tiago Brunet appeared who said that my mother-in-law was getting in the way, because she was worried (…) Then he appeared, a homeless person, with a light bag. I met him at the door of a store, a convenience store, and he was going to light a cigarette. Then I took the cigarette out of his hand, saying that he was already cured. I took him to talk to a bank.”he declared, in the audios.

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Homeless man says he was called to “play”

To the police, the homeless man reported that, around 9:30 pm on Tuesday, a car stopped near the Parish School, in Planaltina and, inside it, would be the personal trainer’s companion. After parking, she would have called him and said: “Let’s play?

Afterwards, the homeless man said he was convinced by the woman to get into the vehicle. He stated that while having sex with the driver inside the car, a “angry man broke into the vehicle” and started a fight. The homeless person also stated that he did not know the woman and did not rape her.

After the attacks, the police were called and the homeless man was taken to the Planaltina Regional Hospital, as was Eduardo. The two were injured during the fight. The woman also underwent medical attention, as she was in a state of shock. As soon as they were discharged from the hospital, the three left for the 16th Police Station, gave statements and were released. The case remains under investigation and the Civil Police has not yet informed which investigative line is followed.

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