Russia withdraws from UN humanitarian resolution due to lack of support

Increasingly isolated, Russia has given up on putting a humanitarian resolution on Ukraine to a vote in the UN Security Council tomorrow, knowing it lacks the support of its closest allies, according to several diplomats who asked AFP to remain anonymous today.

“They turned to co-sponsorship” for their text on the humanitarian aspect “and there was no return,” said an ambassador who asked not to be identified, insinuating that neither China nor India supported the controversial Russian initiative and would not vote in favor.

Russia, which presented a draft resolution to the Security Council on Tuesday, called for a vote yesterday before changing its mind and postponing it to today and then to tomorrow.

Moscow had hoped to count on the support of China and India, two countries that abstained on February 25 in the vote on a resolution presented by the United States and Albania to denounce Ukraine’s “aggression”, vetoed by Russia.

“This week, perversely, Russia introduced a resolution that, among other things, called for protection for civilians, including women and children. It is a cynical game in the face of extreme human suffering,” criticized British ambassador to the UN, Barbara Woodward.

“Just when Russian forces attacked Mariupol”, in particular a theater that housed hundreds of people and children, added the British diplomat.

“Ukraine will never be a victory for Putin. Regardless of the progress he makes, or the people he kills or the cities he destroys,” said US Ambassador to the United Nations Linda Thomas-Greenfield.

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