Ukrainian plays piano in her destroyed apartment before leaving; watch video | Ukraine and Russia

Images of a woman playing the piano in an apartment apparently destroyed by bombing impacts in Ukraine circulate on the internet.

The woman was identified as Irina Maniukina, originally a resident of Bila Tserkvasouth of Kiev.

The video of her playing the piano was posted on social media by Irina’s daughter Karina. In addition to the woman playing the piano, there are also images of the destroyed apartment.

Karina and her mother were the subject of a report in the newspaper “Washington Post” on March 5th.

The text says that 16-year-old Karina was making pancakes in the kitchen when there was an explosion outside on the street. She said an orange light flashed.

Bila Tserkva, where the two lived, was a region that served to supply Kiev with humanitarian and military supplies, and possibly for this reason it was targeted by the Russians.

Newspaper reporters interviewed her when she still had blood on her face — the teenager was hit by shards of glass. She was home alone at the time of the attack. The mother and brother had gone to the market.

“Maniuka and her family had thought about leaving the city, but the mother decided to stay and help children who had been evacuated. When the mother returned home, she sat at the family’s white grand piano in the living room despite being taken by the shards of glass.

The two said they would leave the city, but they weren’t sure where they were going.

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