Vaccination against Measles will be carried out together with Influenza

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The National Campaign against Measles for children from six months to 05 years of age will be carried out in parallel with the National Influenza Vaccination Campaign. In the same period, the immunization of health workers against Measles will also be carried out.

The immunization period will be from April 4th to June 3rd, with social mobilization D-day being April 30th.

Vaccination will be carried out in two stages: vaccination of health workers – together with the first stage of influenza vaccination: from April 4th to May 2nd; follow-up campaign against Measles – together with the second stage of influenza vaccination: from May 3 to June 3, 2022.

“Vaccination against measles will make it possible to interrupt the active circulation of the virus, minimize the burden of the disease, protect the population, in addition to reducing the burden on health services as a result of this further aggravation. That’s why we call our population, included in the campaign to take the vaccine “, highlights the Secretary of State for Health, Sesapi.

The Immunization Coordination, from the State Department of Health (Sesapi), is already reinforcing the supply to municipalities with the MMR vaccine, and is awaiting the sending by the Ministry of Health of immunizers against Influenza.

“As it is a vaccine that is part of the routine calendar, we already have it in our stock and we are already sending it to the municipalities. The flu is still waiting for the ministry to send us”, said the coordinator of Immunization at Sesapi, Kássia Barros.

In the National Campaign against Measles, Piauí intends to immunize 74,744 health professionals and 210,354 children aged between six months and five years. The state has not recorded measles cases since 2019, when 12 cases of the disease were confirmed.

Measles is an infectious, acute, transmissible and extremely contagious disease, which can lead to complications and death, particularly in children under one year of age. To prevent the spread of the disease, Sesapi, through the Center for Strategic Information on Health Surveillance (CIEVS), continues to train for the prevention and notification of the disease.

“In December 2021, we gathered all the nuclei and surveillance in the state to raise awareness against notification and care in preventing the disease, especially encouraging vaccination, the best way to prevent measles”, explains the coordinator of Cievs, Amélia Costa.

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