‘Dumb phones’: How connectionless phones are making a resurgence in the hyper-connected world

  • Suzanne Bearne
  • Business reporter, BBC News

Nokia 3310

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The Nokia 3310 phone is one of the best-selling cell phones of all time: 126 million units

Robin West is 17 years old and a different person from the rest — she doesn’t have a smartphone (smart phone).

Instead of scrolling through apps like TikTok and Instagram all day, she uses the so-called “dumb phone”.

They are basic cell phones, ordinary phones, with very limited functions compared to, for example, an iPhone. Typically, you can just make and receive calls and exchange SMS text messages. And, if you’re lucky, you can listen to the radio and take pictures very simply, but it certainly won’t connect to the internet, nor will it have apps.

These devices are similar to some of the first cell phones that people bought in the late 1990s.

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