Elderly woman dies after having her arm ripped off in a robbery

A case of robbery against a 73-year-old woman shocked police authorities in New Orleans, United States, this Monday (21). Security camera footage recorded the exact moment when four criminals approached the victim in the middle of the street and announced the robbery.

According to witnesses, Linda Frickey was strapped into the vehicle’s seat belt, dragged by the robbers for a block and had her arm ripped off.

“Her arm was separated from her body,” said Police Superintendent Shaun Ferguson.

“The door was closed with the seat belt out, and she was stuck in it… I got out of my vehicle yelling, ‘Please stop!’ Other neighbors were screaming too,” a witness told Fox 8.


According to witnesses, the robbers slowed down to free the woman. “When I looked down, her body was already there, and her arm was… It’s just not something you would expect to see,” another witness said.


According to police, the woman died at the scene and the four suspects fled and are being sought. Authorities found the victim’s vehicle abandoned about 13 blocks from the crime scene.

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