Foods rich in vitamin B12 to improve body health

Vitamin B12 is also known by the name of cobalamin and is responsible for several benefits to human health. Among the main functions is the repair of red blood cells that are present in the central nervous system. More than that, the nutrient directly influences the good health of the heart and cardiovascular system. Faced with so many important activities, it is worth getting to know the foods rich in vitamin B12 that you need to consume.

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The 3 best foods rich in vitamin B12 are here:

Check out the three food sources rich in vitamins B12 below. Also discover other beneficial substances they have, according to recent research.

1 – Sardines

One of the richest foods in vitamin B12 is of animal origin and is characterized by sardines. In addition to this nutrient, sardines are a rich source of omega 3, an essential fatty acid that is not naturally produced by the body. Recent studies have proven that the substance delays the aging of cells and the body itself. In addition, it relieves inflammation, asthma and improves the health of the cardiovascular system.

2 – Egg

Another great source of vitamin B12 is chicken eggs. A foreign study found that low choline could cause liver dysfunction. This problem would considerably increase the risks of developing some types of tumors (cancer). The good news is that the egg has high levels of choline and can also act to protect against the problem.

3 – Wild salmon

Lastly, salmon is one of the foods rich in vitamin B12. However, it is best to look for meat from salmon that were caught in the wild, outside captivity. This makes the fish rich in cobalamin and D-complex nutrients. All these substances significantly improve the quality of muscle and skeletal health. This causes the fracture incidence in older people, over 65, to plummet.

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