Former BH Health Secretary will help put together Kalil’s government plan

Jackson Machado, ex-secret
Jackson Machado, former BH Health Secretary, was moved by his departure from City Hall (photo: Matheus Muratori/EM/DA Press)

Alexandre Kalil’s (PSD) campaign for the governorship of Minas Gerais, in the 2022 general elections, will have an old acquaintance as a “source”: Jackson Machado, Secretary of Health in Belo Horizonte during the period when Kalil was mayor in January from 2017 until this Friday (25/03). This morning, the then Chief Executive announced his resignation to officially launch himself as a pre-candidate for the Government of Minas, and Machado leaves with Kalil.

Jackson Machado will be one of Kalil’s trusted names in the government race, which will end in October. Before that, however, the doctor, doctor of medicine and specialist and Master in dermatology, will take a break and return to his private practice.

“I’m going to help him write his plan for the government of Minas, but I’m going to go back a little bit to my private medical practice, I’m going to recover a little bit of what I’ve failed to earn in these years in front of health in the city hall. But I’m going to rest, mainly , because it was years, five years and some days, very exhausting, especially for me, I need to recover my tranquility a little to be able to move on with my life”, he said, this Friday, at a press conference.

The imminent ex-secretary, however, says he still does not know who will succeed him in the Municipal Health Department. The now mayor of BH, Fuad Noman (PSD), should make the name official next Tuesday (29), after taking office as Chief Executive. The Secretariat of Urban Policies, which was led by Maria Caldas, will also have a new head.

“Mayor Fuad will announce it soon. I don’t know yet, he hasn’t told me, but I’m sure he wouldn’t choose a person who wasn’t capable of running the Health Secretariat, which is a giant secretariat, has enormous challenges, but I wanted to I also say that until I nominate this person, I will continue to be in charge of health, next week, so that I can not let health stop, health cannot stop”, he said.


“There is not the slightest doubt that it was something absolutely unexpected, but that I felt absolutely prepared to face it, and I had the collaboration of many highly competent people, that made all the difference. And also, as I said, I had the help of collaboration of the population, who listened to what we asked and understood that it was necessary in those moments to make what was a huge sacrifice. We knew the side effects, all the measures that we advised the mayor to take, but life is more important than anything “, it says.

Finally, Jackson, moved by the farewell to the city hall, also thanked: “I would like to thank the city hall team, I would like to thank the health team, and I would like to thank the people of Belo Horizonte, who contributed, understood the message, which was necessary to be done, and that is what made Belo Horizonte the model for the country and for the world”.

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